The Amazing Kindle

KindleIs it to early to be asking for Christmas gifts?

This incredible device from Amazon is thinner than most magazines,  lighter than most books,  and easier on the eyes than most computer screens.  It can hold over 1500 ebooks and takes less than 60 seconds to download.


For those of us who like to read in bed (and other places) this is a dream come true!  Much nicer than a laptop, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t like reading a long book from a computer screen.  Well, this has changed all that!  And the amazing thing is that you don’t even need a computer to use it (I’m all about staying in bed as long as I can).

Too cool to read old fashioned paper books?  Don’t have room for books in your luggage? Trying to save the rain forest single-handedly?

Check out the Kindle today by clicking on the link below!

The Amazing Kindle

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Your Private Info on the World Wide Web

I found myself today – online. I also found my phone#, my address & map to my house, my wife’s name, and business info, etc. I thought I had been pretty good at not giving that out. Apparently the laws have changed in the last few years and what used to only be available to businesses doing background checks for hiring is now open to anyone that wants to know (thieves, stockers, psychopaths, etc.). I love technology. Try it yourself. Type in your phone number (especially your home phone line) and see what pops up. Some of these reverse look ups will charge you 15 or 30 bucks to get the info, but not always.

Can you remove yourself from these lists? Sort of. It was very easy to be removed from Google’s phone book listing, but Intelius (the largest personal information search engine on Internet) required I fax them a copy of my driver’s license with my face and driver’s license number crossed out. And then, they wouldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t pop back up if my address or zip code ever changed. I think one could spend years of their life trying to get off of every list out there.

I, for one, am going to go hide in a cave. I wonder if they have wi-fi in caves?

To learn more visit this squidoo site:

How to Remove Personal Information from Internet & Public Data Sources

World Trade Center

world-trade-centerI watched World Trade Center this morning for the first time. When it first came out I felt it was to early to be capitalizing off of such a terrible tragedy. I still feel that way, but now, having seen it, I appreciate the message and the tasteful way it was done. I will admit that I was moved to tears a few times during the film. It brought back many feelings from that day and reinforced how important family, human life, and relationships are. The world and all of the craziness seemed to stop for a while. For a brief time our finger pointing, satirizing, scab picking modern media was at a loss. The world couldn’t handle any more negativity and so they had nothing to offer. There were no political parties. There were no class distinctions. We gathered in our families, prayed, and comforted each other. You could talk to a stranger on the street about your feelings and they understood. We were one nation under God, and not much else mattered.

Now is the time when a movie like this should have been made. I think sufficient time has been given for healing to take place, and unfortunately people have forgotten. They’ve forgotten the patriotism they felt, the goodness of regular people, and the promises they made that day.

I recommend this movie. Be prepared for some tears and some strong memories, but also some hope.

Avoid “Make Money with Google” Scams!

My wife emailed me a link to a blog today and asked if it was legitimate. It looked very nice and told the story of how a guy (living in a town near my work) went from poor to rich through posting links on Google.

Dont trust this picture.

Don't trust this picture.

There was a nice picture of the guy and his young family, and lots of positive feedback on his blog.

Fortunately, I had already researched this for someone else and knew it was a scam.

On the phone with my wife we quickly noticed that the town where the author claimed to live was different on her computer. That one word changes to match your computer’s location. Very deceptive. And since this was made to look like an independent blog (though I know it isn’t) they could make all sorts of false claims which sound to good to be true (and indeed are).

Once you click on the link it takes you to one of several websites (it changes each time) advertising “how to” kits for around $3.00 or less. Some of the names I saw were “Bizkit using Google”, “SEO Supervisor”, “Google Pay Day”, etc. They all claim to teach you to make thousands of dollars through Google. But the small print says they are not affiliated with Google. To find out the real truth you need to click on Terms & Conditions at the bottom.

Should You fail to cancel Your Subscription within the 7-day trial You will be billed $79.90 at the completion of the 7-day trial and every month thereafter…

I have searched and found lots of angry people who said they tried to call and cancel once they figured it out, but no one answered the phone number provided.

It is obvious that a lot of time, money, and research went into its creation. The fact that it is so well orchestrated with images of celebrities (including Obama) and media channels where it has supposedly been featured makes the whole thing even more slimy. This has to be illegal (whether their expensive lawyers say so or not) and should be shut down. I just think of the unsuspecting people who are already in financial need, the single moms struggling to take care of their families, the older folks who can’t retire or can’t get a job because of their age. These are the people that are getting kicked (and stolen from) while they are down by this scam.

Shame on the creators and perpetuaters of these amoral sites!

Free Health Care?

I was wondering what your feelings were on free health care (like the Canadians have). I have gone back and forth on my feelings about it. I have wished that we had it, so that it wasn’t such a stress not having insurance. But at the same time I see how free enterprise can make people provide better services, and I believe in rewarding people who make advances in medicine.

Ben’s Reply:

My feelings are: it’s complicated. But that won’t suffice, so I’ll expound by sharing two conflicting notions that I hold. I’ll give you those, and let you make what sense of them you can:

1. Free markets are the most appropriate economic system for a democracy.
2. Healthcare is the only necessity individuals cannot provide for themselves.

The preamble to the Constitution lays out the scope of the government’s responsibilities:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Based upon this, I can only see justification for a universal health care plan under the promotion of the general welfare. There are strict constructionists who would howl in anger at that suggestion, and there are those who say I’m being a strict constructionist by phrasing it so narrowly. I merely point it out to foster discussion. The preamble provides an abstract of what the founder’s envisioned the purpose of government to be. The particulars and details are laid out in the articles and amendments, and that’s where a serious investigation into the constitutionality of a universal health care system would be addressed.

Now, as to the reasons why we would desire a universal healthcare system in lieu of leaving things to the markets, I imagine the most fundamental cause is greed. Or, to put it another way, to protect ourselves from the effects of greed. Healthcare costs are ridiculously inflated, and when considered in light of my second point, none of the usual methods that can be employed by consumers in a free market system to influence prices and services can be brought to bear. For example, we can’t boycott healthcare providers without jeopardizing our health, and we can’t afford to go “out of network” to competing physicians in order to price shop because of negotiated pricing on the part of insurance companies.

If we define human necessities as being those things that keep us alive, then growing food, wearing clothing, and having shelter are necessities. So is getting treatment when our body breaks down. I can’t think of any other professions or services that fall under this category and, of those I’ve listed, healthcare is unique in that it is the only necessity we cannot provide for ourselves. In fact, it is particularly unique in that when we most need it, we are least able to provide it or any of the other necessities; even a heart surgeon would need another surgeon to help him should his own heart fail.

The symbiotic relationship between physicians and insurers requires consumers to accept the rules, policies, and prices handed down to them as the outcome of a good faith effort on the part of the vested corporate interests in the healthcare system. If these businesses were to regulate themselves properly, this might not be problematic – although, within a democratic society, it’s seldom wise to incorporate elements of a patristic system that can’t be governed by the democratic functions of the society. When things turn bad, however, as they have, the result is legalized blackmail: your money or your life.

So there you have it, in a nutshell. There’s so much more I’d like to say on this subject, but for now I’ll just leave it at this.


Ponder Anew

I live in a quiet peaceful neighborhood away from any big city lights or smog. The stars are often breathtakingly clear, and on more than one occasion after a hectic day I have found myself gaping up at them from my front yard, mesmerized by their beauty.

Maybe it is the mystery of the Zodiac and the fact that I have heard that many of the bible stories and world events are written up there if you know how to read them. Or maybe it is the knowledge of the sheer distance between myself and these glowing orbs in space and the smallness I feel as I stare into the eternities. Perhaps it is just the size of the canvas that is almost engulfing me.

No and yes.

It is all of these things to some degree, but it is also more than that. It is impossible for me to view the heavens on such a night and not confess that there is a Creator – a Divine Architect. And while I feel small from the enormity of His works, I also feel a closeness to Him which makes me feel loved and important. The phrase from the hymn comes to mind “Ponder anew what the almighty can do”.

I thank God for the star filled night. For the lights which shine in darkness.

The Iraqi Cookbook

In Iraq yesterday, seven people were killed… Over the last few years it has gotten to the point where I don’t even want to hear the word “Iraq”. My hand knows without me even telling it to change the channel when “Iraq” is mentioned. It is not that I have anything against the country or the people there. It is just all of the negativity that seems to spew from the news sources when the word is mentioned. And so it was such a nice surprise when I saw “The Iraqi Cookbook” by Lamees Ibrahim.

“It promotes Iraq as a country with a rich history and culture rather than a place of bombing and suicide attacks,” said Ibrahim. Wow, what a breath of fresh air. And the food inside though very different from what I am used to, looked quite good. It made me wish I had an Iraqi friend who could let me taste some of these dishes.

Publishers Weekly tempts us with the following: “There are earthy bean soups accented with cumin, turmeric and vermicelli; dense breads stuffed with ground meat, cheese or dates, and a host of light vegetable salads accented with lemon juice, parsley and olive oil. Ibrahim devotes an entire chapter to kubba, cracked wheat or rice flour domes that are filled with all manner of stuffings and then deep-fried, boiled or baked in sauce. Fried fresh-water fish, ground meat kebabs and cinnamon-spiked rice biryanis are other staples, followed by date and almond sweets and rosewater-doused pastries.”

Pack your bags kids, we’re moving to Iraq! Oh wait, there is that war thing going on.

The Lost Symbol

The Lost SymbolEven though the DaVinci Code was full of errors and unchristian ideas, I am very excited about Dan Brown’s next book, The Lost Symbol.  Perhaps it is the rumors that it has to do with Masons and the founding of America (which I find fascinating) or the fact that Dan Brown went to Utah to view the outside of the Mormon Salt Lake temple during the writing of his book.  But really I think it has to do with something deep down that I found – not in Dan Brown’s book – but because of it. The race to uncover “truth” in his DaVinci code book led me to do some searching of my own.  And that process changed me deeply.  It led me to a greater understanding and appreciation for my own religion and religious rites.  More than likely I will be greatly disappointed with this over hyped book (think Phantom Menace), but I can’t help it.  I want to know what “secrets” he will reveal and who will be cast as villains, heroes, or not mentioned at all.  I for one will be getting a copy of this book regardless.

Preorder your copy here