The Perfect Job – Part 1

I enjoyed my work most days——it was rewarding to help individuals or families in need. The only problem was that I was helping them improve their situation and become self-reliant, but I myself was struggling to care for my own family. I was working multiple jobs: teaching fitness classes early in the morning, helping families in need during the day, and running a movie theater with my husband in the evenings. This left very little time to spend with my husband and our beautiful children. I was spread thin and tormented with guilt for not being there for my kids. Each day I was helping individuals find jobs that paid better than what I made——and I was more qualified.

One day, I came across a job that was perfect for me. I couldn’t resist applying. I had years of experience, so I wasn’t surprised to get called in for an interview. The interview went better than I ever dreamed it would. They called me back for another interview and I couldn’t have been more excited. As they scheduled my second interview I asked about the benefits, not wanting to waste anyones time. I was currently providing the insurance and would need to continue to do that for our family. They looked up the cost and I figured out that even with working fewer hours, and paying a little more for insurance, I would still end up making more money. It was a dream come true——fewer hours at work, more time with family, and more money.

The second interview went perfect. I felt as if God himself put the words in my mouth at times. I was perfect for the job. Many experiences in my life now made sense, as if they had led to this moment. I would be good at this job and be able to make a real difference in the lives of children. I was thrilled when they offered me the job. I excitedly gave notice at my current job and started scheduling conferences and meetings to get started at my new job.

I finished my two weeks at my old job and went in for my first day. They handed out new hire information. I didn’t see anything about health insurance and quickly learned that they hadn’t budgeted for me to have health insurance. I had been misinformed when I had asked about it weeks earlier. I panicked as I told them that I have to have health insurance. My husband had just been in the hospital and we didn’t know what was going on. We have four children. It would be very risky not having insurance.

I spent the day brainstorming how to make this work. By the end of the day we had a solution. We decided we would just go through the marketplace/affordable care act to get insurance. I told my new employer not to worry——I had figured it out.

EmployerThe next day I was called in to meet with the head guy over me. I was completely shocked when he sat me down and proceeded to tell me that they were terminating my employment. He said that I had a husband and family to take care off, and that I couldn’t leave a 30 hour a week job with benefits for this job. I tried to explain the pay difference, that I had figured out insurance, etc. It didn’t matter what I said… it was over. He encouraged me to ask for my old job back. Tears filled my eyes as I walked out and then quickly they turned to sobs that racked my body as I sat in the car.

I had been so excited to do this job. I had told everyone about it. I was finally going to get a break. I had worked so many hours for so long and thought I was going to get to cut back my hours and be with my family more. Experiences from my past would finally make sense and have meaning in this new job. I was the perfect person for the position. I couldn’t wait to get started——and then it was over before it ever really began.

Part 2 Coming Soon…

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