Oreo Delight

This Oreo dessert is a family favorite and a hit at any gathering!

1 pkg. Oreo Cookies
1 pkg. instant chocolate pudding
1 c. powdered sugar
1 stick margarine
8 oz. cream cheese
16oz. Cool Whip

Crush 2 rows of cookies in a freezer bag. Melt margarine and mix with cookies. Spread evenly in bottom of 9×13 inch pan. Place in freezer until hard.

Mix pudding according to package directions. Set aside.

Mix cream cheese, sugar, and over half of the cool whip. Place a layer of Cool Whip mixture over cookie crust. Add layer of pudding over this. Layer Cool Whip mixture. Layer pudding mixture. Place remaining Cool Whip over this. Crush remaining cookies and sprinkle on top. Refrigerate 1 to 2 hours before serving.

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