Making my Dreams come True

At the beginning of this year, I was challenged by someone to write my 3 year vision–what I wanted my life to look like in 3 years. I had done something similar in years past, but this year I allowed myself to really dream and I wrote out that dream in much more detail than ever before. Every morning I would read over this vision and add to it. I would add detailed descriptions of everything as if I already had it–like a grateful journal entry at the end of the day. I would often pick out pictures on Pinterest or think about my envisioned life as I went to sleep at night. I was surprised that doing this exercise started to bring about changes in my life almost immediately.

Here are some of my dreams and how they have already come to pass:

I had been stuck with my business for quite a while. I was struggling to build a team and expand. My Clever Container team was just 2 inactive members when I started this process, within 6 weeks I had promoted to Director. I promoted to Associate Director just 5 months later and now have 58 team members with a rapidly growing team.

Years ago, I lost my ability to smell and taste. I had been to many doctors and had several operations with mediocre temporary results. I wanted to be able to taste again (Imagine craving chocolate and never being able to satisfy those cravings–even when eating chocolate). Not long after writing out my goals, I was referred to a nearby specialist who was the top in his field. I also just happened to get the insurance I needed to get the operation I needed. It went perfectly. I’ve been enjoying chocolate ever since (among other things) and there are no signs of relapse.

Red MountainI also dreamed of moving to a warmer area and into a newer home with a view of a red mountain. Just 7 months later we moved into a beautiful home in a warmer area. The beautiful red mountain that I dreamed of waking up to each morning sets behind my sons’ school.

I also envisioned my children loving school. My children each love their new schools (my sons got into the charter school we had been hoping for. My daughter is able to continue her dual-immersion program.)

This new move also allowed my husband to work from home–a dream for both of us.

I feel so blessed as I walk the beautiful trails that surround my home (another major part of my dream). I love being near so many businesses, but wanted to be able to walk out my front door and be in nature. To go for walks and clear my head and get some much needed exercise.

Photos from my Morning Walk
Photos from my Morning Walk

The home I had dreamed of appeared in a beautiful rental that has all the rooms I wanted, a double oven (I love to cook and have always wanted one), beautiful granite counter tops, and the details of the wooden doors and cabinets are exquisite. Sometimes when I walk into a room I want to cry tears of joy as I look at my dream coming into existence. It is a beautiful reminder that it is okay to dream and build the life you want!

IMG_6231Now, I’m not saying that this process has all been easy. It hasn’t been easy! There were moments I thought of just giving up. Moments it would’ve been easier to just stay put where everything was familiar, but luckily our desire for change was stronger and we pushed forward.

As I’ve watched so many of my desires appear, I find myself even more excited about the future as my 3 year vision continues to grow and change.

Now, I want to challenge each of you to grab a notebook–to write your 3 year vision or type it up on your computer (Mine is in Evernote, so I can read it and edit it from my computer or phone). Use your 5 senses as you describe your dream. Describe how it looks, how it sounds, how it feels, how it smells and yes, even how it tastes. Make it come alive! Write it as though it has already happened. Be grateful for it like you already have it. And find someone safe to share your dream with or send it to us. Remember, anything is possible if you believe!

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