Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

As Nano’s 11th birthday has been approaching I’ve been researching and making a list of possible gifts. I find it incredibly important to give gifts that show I know my child. I feel that shows I love them and know them. I don’t want to just give them something, to give them something.

Possible gifts for an 11 year old boy:

1. School Uniform: I know this sounds so boring, but he gets a lot of his brother’s hand-me-downs. He is so excited when I give him clothes brand new from the store with the tags still on them–not from a thrift store or his brother’s drawer. This doesn’t mean I can’t shop around for a great deal! lol!

2. Guitar: He has been asking for years if he could have lessons.

3. XBOX Games: No explanation needed! Just need to narrow it down to just one. I’m thinking Lego Harry Potter

4. Robot: Nano is always talking about the robots he is going to build someday to do things for him. This one says you can program it to make a delivery.

5. Room Defender: I came across this while searching suggested gifts for boys. This fits my son perfectly. He loves his coding class and keeping his sisters out of his room.

6. Navy Blue Jacket: Even on very hot days you will find my son wearing a jacket. He has always been that way, it’s a comfort to him. Well, at his new school he can only wear certain colors and no logos, so he hasn’t been able to wear his jacket. He has been begging me to buy one that he could wear at school.

7. Rocket Balloons: I think he would have so much fun playing with these in the field near our home.

This is my list of possible gift ideas. I will share what we ended up getting and his reaction. I just love birthdays and how they get you to stop and think about that individual, think about what they love, their talents and abilities, etc. Then planning how you can bring a smile to their face. I look forward to making my kids favorite meals, a special cake, and just seeing their excitement when they open their gifts.

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