A Fantastic Birthday!

It’s about time I shared about my son’s birthday. (Read about the preparation here) Nano’s 11th birthday was fantastic. All the fun started when he got home from school. I’m always amazed what an impact the simple things can have. I had ran to the Dollar Store and bought balloons, a Happy Birthday sign, a birthday banner and a favorite soda to tie the balloons to. Less then $10

When he arrived home, there was a sign in the front planter, Wishing him a Happy Birthday. Once he opened the door he could immediately see a banner and in the kitchen balloons tied to his favorite soda and for an after school snack….a pizza cake. I found the recipe on Pinterest. It was a hit! He keeps asking me to make it again. I did have to buy a special pan to make it. If you ever ask Nano what his favorite foods are or what he would like to eat his immediate response is pizza, breadsticks, and ice cream. lol! I don’t give in to this request often, but on his birthday I sure did! After his snack, the pizza cake, he opened presents. We have a tradition in our home. We hide the presents and play hot or cold to find them. He was delighted with his gifts. He is such a grateful kid! This is what we decided to give him:

rocket-balloonsNavy Blue Jacket for school

BRAND NEW (Not used from his brother) Red Polo shirts for school

XBox game: Lego Harry Potter

Room Defender
Review Here

Rocket balloons

After gifts they played his new game on the xbox until we went to the Pizza factory, awesome breadsticks requirement fullfilled and of course more pizza for Nano. They made him a pizza shaped like a number 11. He had leftovers to take to school the next day spreading out the birthday fun to another day. Once home they had a blast shooting off the balloon rockets while I dished up ice cream cake–now hitting all of his favorite foods. It was a success! Most important to me was he felt loved and knows he means a lot to us. It was his special day!

2 thoughts on “A Fantastic Birthday!

  1. Your family ROCKS! WHAT A LEGACY you are leaving for all your children. Having 5 children it would be easy for any one of then to get lost in the business of life. I know as parents you will try your best to not let that happen to any one of them. Can’t wait until the next Birthday in your household.

    1. Thanks for the nice comment! It is a lot of work and sometimes feels like a balancing act to make sure everyone gets the love and attention they need.

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