The Room Defender

The Room Defender has been a hit with our family. It did take some parent help to get it attached to the door and to figure out the coding, but they have it down now. They enjoy changing the sounds the most.

It has certainly kept little sisters out of their room. I hadn’t realized that the little ones went in their room during day, while they are at school. So the first day it was set up I was sitting in my office, where I have a perfect view down the hallway. All my kids were at school, except the almost two year old. She walks down the hallway stops outside the boys room and opens the door, the alarm goes off and she slams it shut immediately, silencing the alarm, and stands their frozen. She doesn’t move for a few minutes and then she slowly backed away from the door, never trying to enter again. A few hours later the 4 year old is home from pre-school and the two year old is napping. She goes over to the boys room and opens the door, the alarm goes off, she slams the door, silencing the alarm, and comes running down the hallway and jumps into my arms, completely terrified. She didn’t try the door again. The boys now only have little visitors if they leave their door open. lol!

They (or should I say we) still have more to learn. They have played with the alarms and leaving a voice message, but are now planning on working on the coding for the key cards and the secret knock.

The Room Defender is available on Amazon

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