Lay Down Your Burdens

I’ve spent my whole life being told that Christ paid for my sins and I believed that. I believed if I did my very best, then Christ would make the difference. When I was a teenager I remember being told he didn’t just suffer for my sins, but for all the pain and sorrow I would ever feel. He had felt it all and could take it from me. I always found comfort in knowing the Christ truly understood how I felt when I was sad, angry, hurting, etc. I didn’t feel as alone, but it’s always been hard for me to understand how he could just take it away, how he could take my pain at this very moment. I felt it at times, but still didn’t really understand the atonement.

I think it became real to me about a year ago. I’m not sure if someone recommended this or I just thought of it, but I tried visualizing Christ standing there in front of me with his arms wide open, his face filled with love, a welcoming light glowed from within him. I approached him with a box that held all my anger, frustration, and hurt I was feeling due to some recent events out of my control. I walked up to him, handed him the box and he turned and carried it away and at that moment I felt lighter, like a heavy load had been lifted.

Recently I found myself once again struggling. This time due to something that happened long ago. Something that I thought I had forgotten or moved on from, but here it was again – All the heartache from long ago. I felt exhausted and longed for relief. I went for a walk trying to clear my head and as I was praying I realized I didn’t need to carry this anymore. I felt inspired to visualize Christ once again and give him my heartache and burdens. I visualized myself approaching the Savior and this time I had a backpack filled with the heavy burdens of disappointments and pain upon my back. I was weary from carrying these burdens and as I approached the Savior I took the bag off my back and I placed it by his feet and he wrapped me in his loving arms and just held me. I at last felt comfort and peace.

I’m sharing this in hopes that it may help someone else remember that Christ loves them and he truly understands. Take your burdens to him. Try visualizing him right there in front of you. We aren’t meant to spend this life carrying all the heartache and pain. Give it to Christ and you will become free to become all you are meant to be, not held down by all the heavy burdens you have been carrying.

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