4 Ways to Save Time and Money on Your Groceries

I love anything that saves me time and money! I used to be huge into finding all the best deals and combining that with coupons to get everything at a huge discount. I was always so excited when the money saved was more then the amount I paid. lol!

Times change and now I’ve found that the savings I get for the time spent doing that doesn’t equal what I could of made using the time to work.

I now do these 4 things to save time and money each month:

Groceries to go sign

1. Groceries On The Go: I’m loving ordering my groceries online and driving up to the front of the store to pick them up. I make the menu for the week with the family and then enter what I need online. I then schedule to pick up after dropping the kids off at school. It feels so good to walk in the door just after 9am with 4 kids dropped off to school and my grocery shopping done for the week. This has also cut out buying those unneeded items that always made it in the cart.

2. Zaycon: My key to saving on meat without losing the quality is Zaycon. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. You buy your meat in bulk at a great discount. They partner with farmers who have the best meats and make them available to you without having to go through a middle man grocery store.

They have a set time when they will be in your area and you come to the meeting location and they load the meat in your car for you and you are on your way. Some items are frozen individually and other items you need to divide up before putting in the freezer. Such as the chicken breast. It’s a great time to do some freezer cooking.

Is there a meeting location near you? Find out here.

3. Weekly Ads: I still do a quick glance at the ads each week while eating breakfast or cooking dinner. And if I see an awesome deal on something, I will swing by the store and stock up–especially on cereal.

Pork Wrapped in Bacon from Zaycon
Pork Wrapped in Bacon from Zaycon
4. Case Lot Sales: I always pick up cases of food when there is a case lot sale. It isn’t always the cheapest it will be that year, but it doesn’t require a lot of time watching for those deals. I also avoid paying full price when we do run out.

These 4 money and time saving tips keep our grocery budget for a family of 7 under control and save me time, so I can focus on the things that really matter.

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