Shifting My Attitude: How Driving My Kids Everywhere Stopped Driving Me Crazy

I was really hating all the time I was spending driving my kids to and from school and various activities. I was averaging 2 to 2 1/2 hours per day in the van. To be completely honest, I had a really bad attitude about it and was truly annoyed every time I had to drop what I was doing to go get them.

My poor husband listened to me complain day after day and would offer to take a turn driving, but I would instantly cut him off and say, “No it is my job as their mother and you need to get your hours in at work.”

I looked at carpooling, paying for my kids to ride the charter bus, but nothing worked out. After almost 4 months of complaining I had an “aha moment”… All this driving was actually a blessing!

First of all, we struggle to have family scripture study. I have good intentions, but it doesn’t happen nearly as much as it should, so while everyone is in the car we started taking turns reading. That didn’t work so well, since the kids in the back of the van couldn’t hear the kid in the front. Then I felt inspired to get the audio version of the scriptures and we just listen while I drive.

So each morning we listen to the scriptures until we drop the first kid off. Just this morning, I noticed a huge difference in everyone. They had been fighting all morning while getting ready, but by the time we had listened to the scriptures and they were getting out of the car they seemed happier and I know I did too.

Another blessing is the 15 minutes I have to wait to drop of my youngest. I had been looking at this as wasted time, but we’ve changed that. On Mondays I pick up my groceries (See previous article) and the rest of the week we read books together, then go in the school early to use the bathroom and get a drink. She goes to school calm and ready for the day.

I also get some time in the car to clear my head after dropping everyone off (when the baby allows it. lol!).

The biggest blessing is that I get to hear about my kids’ days. When they used to get dropped off by the bus, it was hard for me to stop what I was doing when they walked in and completely focus on them and their day or get them to stop and talk to me before going on with their day. Now that we are all in the car, I get to hear about each child’s day. If one of them had a bad day or something that they don’t want to discuss in front of their siblings, then we spend some time in the car chatting when I reach the driveway and everyone else runs in.

Nothing really changed but my attitude about this time. But that small change has become a huge blessing for us all.

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