The Dream Board: Why & How

My husband and I made a dream board many years ago that we looked at often believing that the things that were meant to be would happen and the things that didn’t matter would fade away.

Some of those dreams were starting to come about when our life took a crazy turn.

Through moving and then circumstances that lead to both of us going into survival mode, the dream board ended up shoved in a corner. As the pictures fell off and it got destroyed it only served as a reminder of all we had lost and were losing.

I kept telling myself to pick it up and add those pictures back, but I just couldn’t do it. We had lost all hope!

Finally, after reaching a very low point, through the love of a Heavenly Father, we made it through that trial and came out stronger.

Very slowly, we started to feel alive again.

I knew we had come a long way, but this week was like bringing back the final piece.

Kevin and I have spent some time lately looking at our written vision and cutting out or printing pictures to recreate our dream board. It is as if we have new life! We both feel such excitement as we gaze at our renewed board filled with images that represent our family, work, finances, faith, health, our dream home, etc.

Hope is an amazing gift!

For those of you, who have never seen or heard of a dream (or vision) board, it is a collection of images that represent what you would like to have, experience, or be in the future. It is inspiring and motivational.

It is a great way to get the whole family on board. My kids love looking at it and asking what different pictures represent and are very excited to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter on there. 🙂 It also teaches them that anything is possible and it is okay to dream.

Kids are the best at dreaming and imagining if we don’t shut them down. As we get older, we are told “no”, “you can’t do that”, and “be realistic” until we stop dreaming. An activity like this can be hard if you haven’t given yourself permission to dream for a long time.

To create your vision board, print or cut out what attracts your attention. You don’t need to have a plan or any idea how it could happen. Just let yourself believe anything is possible. Listen to the inspiration that comes guiding you to reaching these dreams. Add images as you think of new things. And put it where you will see it regularly.

I feel such wonder and gratitude as I see the things I had hoped and dreamed of working out in the most exciting ways. I could of never planned such a promising, joyful life on my own.

What would you put on your dream board? Share in the comments below!

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