Playing Our Song?

It was our first official date. (We had held hands before this–but that is another story.) Now, we were trying to follow the proper dating protocol — which of course meant going miniature golfing. I got ready by washing and vacuuming my baby blue Ford Ranger and cued up my Moulin Rouge CD. The film had come out recently and every girl seemed to love it. I memorized the track numbers for the best songs, so that I could reach up casually at the end of a song and advance it to the next good song without breaking the mood.

As we pulled up to the miniature golf course, things seemed to be going good, so I allowed the ‘Elephant Love Medley’ to play for a few moments and then stopped the car exactly before Ewan McGregor belts “We should be lovers!”. By doing this, I knew that when we got back in the car, that would be the first thing that both of us heard. I also knew that if the date turned bad, I would have a few seconds to turn off my radio before Ewan McGregor came back on and christened our relationship.

I looked at my date to see if she had caught on to my sneakiness, but she did not appear to have noticed anything unusual at all.

The evening went well and when we returned to the car I felt a surge of euphoria as the Elephant Love Medley resumed.

Many dates followed and I noticed as things progressed that Sharee never seemed to notice what music was playing. I would say something about an annoying song that had been playing inside a store we just exited, and she would comment that she hadn’t realized they were playing any music at all.

Eventually, in socializing with other people the questioned was asked if we had “a song”. We really didn’t, but the closest thing I could think of was the Moulin Rouge song. I asked Sharee if she remembered that song and she drew a complete blank. She didn’t know what song I was talking about, had never seen the movie, and didn’t remember listening to any music on our first date at all.

Needless to say, we didn’t choose that song… or any song for that matter.

I tell you all this to emphasize the uniqueness of what happened later.

It was years later, actually, and Sharee was working in the deli of a local grocery store. She came home one day and asked me if I was familiar with the lyrics to a certain song that she had heard on the radio. This was unusual. I told her I had heard it, but didn’t know the lyrics very well. She insisted that we look it up and read the lyrics.

The song was called “Home” by Daughtry. And apparently, it was on the grocery store’s playlist, because it would play every couple of hours. Well, Sharee hadn’t noticed the music, but suddenly she felt a peaceful warmth and joy inside of her which she recognized from previous experiences as the way God sometimes communicated with her. But it didn’t make any sense until it happened again hours later and then later again.

She finally realized that each time she felt this feeling it was during this song and not through the whole song but only during this one part:

Be careful what you wish for
‘Cause you just might get it all
You just might get it all

I got chills as she told this to me. Was this a message from God? Through a song on the radio? It seemed funny that He would communicate to her that way. But it was so unique because of her past experiences with songs that it made it that much more powerful.

But what did it mean?

We are still figuring that out. Perhaps it relates to our dream board and other goals we have “wished for”. We feel it is both a promise and a warning. A promise of achieving those dreams, but also a warning that reaching those dreams will include the sacrifices it takes to get there and the responsibilities that come with having achieved them.

Is there a special song that means something to you? Please share in the comments section.

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