Recent Miracles in Our Life

I’ve occasionally felt God’s influence in my life, but the events that led to us moving to Colorado in 2010 were truly miraculous. This article was written Dec 30, 2009.

It all actually started a few years ago when my husband mentioned looking for a better job out of state. I was furious with him. We had just spent so much time and money fixing up our house (more than it increased the value) and now he was talking about moving. Eventually my husband and I both separately felt inspired that we would one day move to Colorado.

We took a trip to visit Kevin’s brother in Denver and check out the area. We were hoping for some further guidance as to when and how we would end up in Colorado, but the only direction we received was “I will tell you when” and a feeling that it would be sudden when it came.

My husband had been applying for a better job and now expanded his search to include Colorado.

Just two weeks ago, my husband was let go from his job because they could no longer afford to pay him. We immediately went to work making a plan. We knew we had no savings and couldn’t afford for him to even miss a day of work. We made a list of places to go to the next morning – including a temp agency, just so some money would be coming in.

The next morning, before we had even crossed the first thing off of our list the phone rang with a job offer from Colorado. This was a job he had applied for 3 months earlier. I had given up hope that he would get it.

Within five days of losing his job, he was on the road to a new job in Colorado. What a whirlwind!

During those five days we received another amazing gift. We had been praying that my old black car would keep running, but it broke down for the final time the same day Kevin lost his job. We didn’t know yet that it couldn’t be fixed when we received a call from Kevin’s parents offering Kevin their truck. They didn’t want me driving an unreliable car with three small kids. What a relief to know that I would be able to keep the reliable car and Kevin would have a 4-wheel-drive truck.

Later, when we found out that the car was beyond repair, I realized we would have been left without a car living in an area that isn’t within walking distance of any stores, gas stations, doctors, etc.

Another blessing is the fact that my husband could go live with his brother during the transition. We don’t have to worry about rent as we try to sell our home.

So many blessings, things that worked out just at the right time and so much peace in a time of major change. There is no doubt in my mind that God is over all and is directing our lives.

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