Gift Ideas for Dad

I often hear people say that dads are the hardest people to buy gifts for. I disagree. I’m a dad and I could buy gifts for myself all day long. First of all, there are a few misconceptions about what dads like. Once you understand these simple rules, buying for dad gets a lot easier.

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Rule #1 – NO GAG GIFTS!

Just because dads like to tell lame jokes doesn’t mean we want lame jokes as gifts. The internet is full of these stupid joke gifts. But please don’t buy them for us. They may be funny for a moment, but in the end they are meaningless and make the recipient feel like you didn’t really care.

Rule #2 — No “#1 Dad” gifts

Unless you handmade the card or gift, I would avoid giving something that says “World’s Best Dad” or “#1 Dad”. These are often found in the same store as the gag gifts and what they really say is “I didn’t know what to get you so I got you this.” We, dads, love to be told that we are the best, but not through a third party vendor. Write him a letter or tell him in person why you think he is the best. This will go a lot further than a trinket from a gift store that will soon disappear.

Rule #3 — No Gifts with Generic Sayings on Them

Generally speaking, dads don’t really want something with a generic saying on it. This includes shirts, hats, mugs, pictures for their walls, or dust collectors for their desks. Unless they are fanatical about this particular saying they don’t want a shirt with it drawing attention to their growing belly. And if they do live and breathe by this saying, chances are they already have it displayed somewhere else.

Good Gifts for Dads

When choosing a gift for dad, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does it entertain him?
   Board Game – Ticket to Ride
   Tickets to Event/Concert/Game
   Movie Tickets
   Gift Cards

2. Does it make him feel cool?

Wooden Sunglasses
Electrical Plug with Hidden Compartment
Bluetooth Keys Finder (or anything finder)
Favorite Movie Shirt
Spy Sunglasses with Hidden Camcorder
3. Does it appeal to his stomach?
Restaurant Gift Card
Favorite Snacks Care Package
Favorite Drink
4. Does it help him relax?
Foot Massager
Neck & Back Massager
Star Wars Pajamas
Universal Remote
Barnes & Noble Gift Card
5. Does it represent something he loves?

Favorite Team
Favorite Movie
Favorite Sport

Favorite Music
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Show

6. Does it add to his hobby/passion?

  Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff
  Portable Speaker
  17″ Duffle Bag
  Thumb Drive
  Favorite Magazine
  Cabelas Gift Card
  Best Buy Gift Card
  Lowes Gift Card

7. Has he asked for it?
  Amazon Gift Card

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