Writing to God

I wasn’t really sure how I felt about God anymore. I was burned out and tired, wondering where God was. I thought I had done everything he asked, yet my life appeared to be spiraling out of control. My husband was underemployed, I didn’t know how we were going to pay our bills, I was struggling with some health issues, and my depression was worsening. I had always tried to do what I thought was right. I thought I had felt God’s reassurance that all would be fine, but I was beginning to doubt–to doubt everything I had believed.

It was during this time I was reminded of a concept, referred to as God journaling. This is when you write a letter to God and then have him write back. This is how it looks for me. I say a silent prayer followed by opening my journal and starting with “Dear Heavenly Father…” I then continue as if writing to a loved one. I thank him, tell him about my day, share my thoughts, hopes, desires, and ask for his help or guidance. I then close the letter “Love, Sharee”.

I then turn to the next page and begin with Dear Sharee or Dear Daughter and listen and write.  I have received such comfort and answers as I have better focused on listening to the Lord’s voice. I have come to know my Father in Heaven in a much deeper way and always look forward to this time each day. I also treasure my journals filled with inspiration and guidance; and love to read back through them. It reminds me of all the miracles and how important I am to God. That I really do matter and have a purpose. It also eases my doubts when I’m able to read over past inspiration or am reminded how often things worked out better then I had imagined.

This is part of my morning routine and really helps me start my day out right. Something I recently added to my letter was asking God what is most important for me to do that day. I keep a notepad handy and will jot down the things that come to mind or if I have recently done a brain dump and wrote down everything I need to do, then I will star the things that came to mind. This helps me let go of the guilt of not doing enough, when I know I have done what matters most.

Through writing to God daily, I found him again. And have a much stronger relationship. It is easier to recognize his voice not just when I’m writing, but throughout the day when I’m told to reach out to someone or to grab a jacket on a sunny day. I know I’m loved and God cares about the details of my life.

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