Sometimes You Just Need a Success

Sometimes you just need a success. The day before had been challenging and I woke up that morning feeling pretty low. I was struggling with negative thoughts. Wondering if the unkind words spoken to me the day before were true. Wondering if I should of handled things differently. As my thoughts spiraled downward I began to doubt myself in everyway, maybe I was a failure all around. I recognized this negative thinking was doing no one any good, especially myself. I tried praying it away, reading positive affirmations, reading my vision of the future, but I was still stuck.

At this point, I decided a walk would do me good. As I was heading up the canyon I thought of a trail I had hiked multiple times, but never reached the end. I decided that is what I needed. I needed to achieve something, to succeed. I set off on this trail, not a hard trail, but long. I knew endurance would be a challenge, but this was the day. I felt excitement building as I drew near to the area I had never been. Then I found myself in awe over the large mountain walls surrounding me.

I did it! I made it to the end of the trail! I felt like a million bucks! As I walked back I noticed the negative thoughts and emotions had been replaced with positive ones. My head was clear and solutions had come to mind. I was sure I could accomplish anything.

Sometimes we just need to experience a success or accomplishment to shift our thoughts. For everyone this will be different. It could be something like decluttering a section of a room, cooking something new, reading a book you’ve wanted to read for awhile, fixing something, hiking a new trail, etc. Pray and you will know what it is for you. Each little success propels us forward towards bigger ones, like writing a book, running a marathon, graduating from college, buying a home, etc.

Success builds upon success. The next time you feel down or stuck look for something you can do to bring you an immediate success.

Bonus tip: Create a success journal. Write down all your successes in a notebook. Go as far back as you can remember. Did you win a spelling bee or get a high score on a test? Then add current successes as they happen. When faced with a challenge and needing a boost of confidence or just feeling low, read through them.

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