Why Do You Love Me?

My 6 year old ran into the room and asked, “Why do you love me? What do you like about me?”

Many things went through my mind. I love her hugs, the way she laughs, that she likes to make people happy, her strong will, her gorgeous hair, bright blue eyes, how eager she is to learn, that she is a good helper…I could go on and on.

As this list ran through my mind, another thought came. I love her because she is Lizzie. Take the list away and I love her just for being her. My answer, “I love you for being you!” Nothing is required to be worthy or deserving of my love.

What if every child, every individual was loved for just being themselves? No requirements. I believe that is how God loves each one of us. A truly perfect love. A love I strive to give my own family… and myself.

I’ve struggled to believe I could possibly ever be good enough. I’ve burned myself out trying to do something so well that I would finally have value. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree when I was 20, not because I’m a genius, but because I believed doing it faster than most might make me special. I lived my life in this pattern. Always having to push myself to work harder then everyone–in pursuit of finding my worth.

I could never comprehend how I could ever be loved, just for being me. But as I gaze at my daughter, I have a glimpse of how God could love me, just for being me. How he can love you, for just being you!

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Photo Credit: Lauren Osmond

2 thoughts on “Why Do You Love Me?

  1. The bible says YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made.
    I knit you together in your mother’s womb! He knows every hair on your head! HE loves you uniquely!
    I loved you immediately, not because of your gifts, or talents, and you have many! I loved you because I saw the love of Christ through You! So nonjudgemental!
    And caring, it was real!

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